Allow me to introduce myself….


Hello all. I’m the host of this blog. Even in writing I am sometimes awkward as fuck. Obviously many of you can tell that I am a newbie to this. My name is Tammy. I am 22 years old. I am a recent college graduate. I identify as an Afro-Jamaican cisgender woman. I am a writer ( poems, songs and now blog postings yay!! ). This is my first time really publishing my writing. As the blog goes on, you will get to know me a lot more.

The name of this blog (BULLCACA SPEAKS) is a double entendre. Caca means shit in Haitian Creole (shoutout to my Zoes) and I think it has a similar meaning in Jamaican Patois. Bull and caca together makes Bullshit. A lot of the shit I dealt with was bullshit. It could’ve been avoided. “Bullcaca speaks” represents me speaking you all through your bullshit. I’m also a Taurus. The symbol for Taurus is a bull and so “bullcaca” also means Taurus shit. This touches on the leisure and self-care side of the blog. Taureans love leisure and spoiling themselves.

This blog is centered around lifestyle. I will touch on many aspects of lifestyle. Mainly adulting, mindfulness and self-love/care. I have been through a few setbacks and I know from experience it’s helpful to hear from people who have been in similar situations. It gives you different perspectives on the given situation and different ways to find solutions. You could agree with my posts and implement specific things from my posts into your life. You might disagree with what I’m saying too. Maybe doing the opposite of what I suggest can be helpful to you. Either way, I’m aiming for my posts to inspire you all with ideas and strategies for self improvement. I hope to help a lot of people struggling with depression, social anxiety, toxic families, the strife of adulting, etc. I look forward to writing and communicating with you all.


Stay grounded

– Tammy🖤






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