A 2021 Music Survival Guide

It’s officially 2021! If any of you are like me then you used your free trial (January) to binge watch shows, cartoons and anime to recharge for this new year. With corona still on the loose, we’re definitely going to need everything we can get to push through the year. Self care routines, meditation exercises, a long list of shows, music playlists, etc. I got y’all with the playlist. One of my goals for this year is to dive into my musical passions. One of them being curating music playlists on Spotify. Many of the songs on this list were with me throughout 2020. These songs pick me up when I need encouragement and also help me to feel good. I hope they will do the same for you.

  1. Lonely by Chloe x Halle
Image result for ungodly hour album cover
  • Favorite Line: “It don’t have to be lonely being alone” & “Who are you when no ones watching?”
    • I love this song so much, it gets an entire dissertation paragraph.
    • Chloe x Halle’s “Ungodly Hour” was one of my favorite albums of 2020. It is a beautiful body of work that relates to the lives of young adults. When I tell you EVERY SONG ON THIS ALBUM HITS DIFFERENT!! It’s so relatable. I know this song might seem like it’s going to be sad but I promise you it is not. The drum instrumentals lift up the song. I was unable to see many of my friends and some family members when things were locked down in the summer. This really had me down and depressed. Throughout 2020 I had to spend more time with myself than I normally do. I had to sit with myself and enjoy my own company. I learned so much about myself during this period of lockdown that I probably would have never known. I am grateful for that. I use to listen to this song when I felt alone and it reminded me that even when you’re alone you have yourself. You can truly focus on yourself and make yourself happy. Isolation and being alone can be liberating especially for my fellow people pleasers. This is a must for your 2021 music survival kit.
    • I would definitely be up to do an in-depth review on that album on my blog or YouTube channel if you guys want it.

2. Toast by Koffee

Image result for koffee toast album cover
  • Favorite Line: “Mi haffi thank God fi di journey, di earnings a jus fi di plus (Thank God for the journey, the blessings are just a plus)
    • Y’all already know how much I love this song. I don’t even have to say much about it. I play this song a lot but, I played it even more in 2020. It will continue to be in my rotation this year. From the groovy instrumental to the laid back sound of Koffee’s voice, this song is a feel good jam all the way. “Toast” reminds me all the time of gratitude. There is so much to be grateful for even in the midst of our chaos.

3. Golden by Ruth B

Image result for golden ruth b album cover
  • Favorite Line: “Out of the ashes you buried me in I am golden”
    • I often play this song when I am journaling. The piano instrumental is very soothing. The lyrics are even more soothing. This is a good pick me up song that I rediscovered in January. If I feel mentally weak or feel like nothing is going right, I play this song. The words “I am golden” are a reminder of who I am and who I will continue to be regardless of what obstacles push me off my path. In 2021, remind yourself that you are not weak. 2020 was a chaotic year, but you survived it and you will survive this year as well. You are golden.

4. Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles

Image result for here comes the sun beatles album cover
  • Standout Line: ” Here comes the sun, and I say..It’s all right “
  • Every time I hear this song, I want to wake up early in the morning and be productive. I’m still working on that. I might set this as my alarm. Any-who, this song is both a feel good jam and a pick me up. I am not a huge Beatles fan but, this song is amazing. It is really simple but, sometimes simplicity is key. I always smile and dance like I’m in a music video or movie when I hear this song. In this song, the Beatles tell me that everything will be ok eventually. The sun is going to come out and make things better. No lyrics in the song speak on how happiness is temporary but that comes to mind when I listen to the song. I have made peace with knowing that happiness does not last forever and that’s what makes it so great. You really appreciate the moments you are happy because they are not eternal. Light always shows up after a period of darkness. It’s a cycle. When this pandemic is over (whenever that is), we will be in bliss. There will be so much happiness and light. This song reminds me of that.

5. Don’t Forget to Breathe (Interlude) by Stormzy ft. Yebba

Image result for dont forget to breath stormzy album cover
  • Standout Line: “And when you’re down and up, just hold on please or just close your eyes and count to three”
    • This song is good for meditating. It is very mellow and slow. I usually put it on repeat while I meditate or do breathing exercises to calm my anxiety/panic attacks. I also use this song to let out all my emotions if I hold them in for too long. I get overwhelmed easily so this is a pick me up song for me. Whenever you get overwhelmed, anxious or just need to take a pause play this song.

6. Savannah Grass by Kes

Image result for savannah grass kes album cover
  • Favorite Line: “We goin’ make dem(them) free up. Is de place of Bacchanal. With our vibes so magical”
    • The whole song is a vibe. It’s pretty repetitive but I feel EVERY. SINGLE. LINE. If euphoria could be described by one song, this is the song. This is a banger in your car or when you’re jumping around in your room trying to entertain yourself. I play this when I work out too. This is a feel good jam. I feel like I am at a Caribbean carnival (one of my happy places) when I hear it. When you listen to this song, just picture yourself at your favorite place and jam out. I guarantee your dopamine levels will increase.

7. Jam by Wizkid ft. Chronixx

Image result for jam starboy album cover
  • Favorite Line: “Tryna make you feel blessed. Give you daily blessings”
    • Another one of my feel good jams. I don’t think a lot of people know about this afrobeat jam so let me put you on. I hope they play this song at the parties whenever this is all done. Until they do, jam out to it in your car and room.

8. Cool as the Breeze by Chronixx

Image result for cool as the breeze chronixx cover
  • Favorite Line: “Member everyday a summer when yuh deh a Jamaica (Everyday is summer when you are in Jamaica) “
    • I hope the Jamaican tourist board make this one of the official songs they use in their vacation advertisements. I can vividly picture Jamaica when I listen to this song. The vibes and the culture. This song reminds me of home which is another one of my happy places. Even if you don’t understand what is being said in this song, the instrumental alone will make you feel good.

9. Walking On a Dream by Empire of the Sun

  • Favorite Line: “Never looking down, I’m just in awe of what’s in front of me”
    • This electro-pop song always makes me smile no matter what mood I’m in. It’s a head swaying anthem. For me, this song is about finding things to love about life. It is about appreciating life and living it to the max. When I’m in a funk, I listen to this song to lift my spirits and it usually motivates me to go do something. No matter what, we can’t waste our time or life.

10. Icy by Pink Sweat$

  • Favorite Line: “I’m just too cold, icy. From my head to toe”
    • This is another feel good jam. The disco, groovy instrumental makes me feel so cool/cold. I listen to this when I need a little something to build my confidence back up. This song will make you feel even more fly than you already are.

11. I Am by Yung Baby Tate ft. Flo Milli

  • Favorite Line: “I am hеalthy, I am wealthy, I am rich, I am that bitch”
    • This last song is a feel good banger not a jam. I had to add at least one bad bitch song on here for my girls. This is a popular Tik Tok song. A lot of people have made my favorite line their daily mantra and I love it. It is an energy and confidence booster as well.

Honorable Mention: Good Days by SZA

  • This song needs no introduction. It is a popular Tik Tok song right now. It is a beautiful vibe. Check it out if you haven’t heard it.

I hope you like all of the songs or at least some of them. I hope they help you throughout the year. I would love to hear what songs you plan to add to your music survival list this year. I linked the playlist with all of the songs down below. Sorry to my Apple Music people. You will have to add them manually or make the switch the better music app, Spotify. This is a Spotify Stan blog.

Playlist link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2lFA9VQeUQYkuEYxf83whp?si=0udcD2tuS2uvXVzZ0nyCVQ

As always, stay grounded

Tammy ♥

4 thoughts on “A 2021 Music Survival Guide

  1. This was an awesome topic, I’m happy you brought some good music to the table for us to jam out to or relax to in time of need. Some of the songs you have in this blog are really some bangers and the all go with or help the mood your in…. oh and stop tryna come for Apple Music!! You was apart if us once!

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