The annual post

Hey there! It’s your favorite blogger who only posts once a year. This is my 2022 post. I’m back from another long hiatus to discuss the things that are really grinding my gears right now (blog post coming soon). First let me explain my absence. I’ve been going through it y’all. It’s been extreme highs and then constant series of lows. I just realized this year that I am always depressed. I’ve been like this all my life. Everyone goes through it yes but sometimes I can’t handle mine. My mind is my arch-nemesis. I get tired of fighting with her sometimes so I let her win and beat up on me for weeks at a time. I felt like my blog was a self-help blog so I couldn’t come on here and type advice while I’m struggling. I would be a fraud and I do not want to be that. I’ve since talked my mind out of this and came to the conclusion that this is not a self-help blog. It is a blog for me to discuss things happening in my life and if it helps someone then that’s great. This should be an outlet for me to rant and discuss whatever and I’m hoping my audience will relate. This is for my 20-somethings. You’re not alone. I worry a lot about my future. I have no fucking clue what I want to do next year. I also think up 20 different careers I would like to get into but then I get anxious cause I’m not sure it will be the right choice. I too graduated from college and feel like I’m not putting my degree to proper use. I too feel like I wasted a shit ton of money on a piece of paper. Just know you have someone to relate to. That being said, I will be here more often since this is a ranting blog now. I won’t Normani you. I pinky promise. Can’t wait to share this journey with you. XOXO.

Stay grounded

– Tammy 🖤♈️ 


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