National Personal Space Day

Hey y’all! November 30th is National Personal Space Day and I just wanted to blog about it. Personal space can be emotional and mental not just physical. I think the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about personal space is physical. Physical personal space is not touching someone or respecting someone’s physical bubble (6ft away please). Personal space is much more than that. I want to talk about being alone which encompasses the emotional and mental aspect of personal space. 

Being alone is probably my favorite pastime these days. As an introvert, it is necessary for me to recharge my social battery. Personal space isn’t just great for introverts but for everyone. Everyone needs to experience the greatness of personal space as a way to recharge or de-stress. Especially for recovering people pleasers like myself. Personal space is not narcissistic or selfish. It is a form of self-care. There is nothing wrong with taking hours, days or weeks to spend time with yourself where you do not have to entertain or help anyone. Your time is your time. Spending time with yourself can also improve your interactions with your friends and family. After personal space, socializing can start to feel like fun rather than an obligation. It is also important for everyone to respect others’ decisions to be alone. You do not know what people are going through all the time and sometimes the best remedy for someone is to heal on their own. 

Taking the time out to spend time with myself has been helping me to deal with the dreaded daylight saving time. Since I cannot go outside much due to the weather and early darkness, I have gotten more personal space. Instead of complaining and dreading the upcoming winter like I use to, I have developed a personal space routine. I am using this season to engage in hobbies that I have put aside all year like finishing my goodreads challenge, watching anime and becoming the gamer girl I’ve always wanted to be.  I also plan on using my personal time to try things that I’ve never done before such as writing music, writing poetry/novels and learning to play the ukulele. I suggest creating a list of things you’ve always wanted to try so that you have constant things to do this winter and fun ways to enjoy your personal space. 

Here’s to respecting people’s personal space and accepting that needing personal space is not selfish 🙂 I’m sending positive vibes to all my North-easterners. We’ll need it to survive this oncoming season. 

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Stay grounded 🖤♉

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