National Personal Space Day

Hey y’all! November 30th is National Personal Space Day and I just wanted to blog about it. Personal space can be emotional and mental not just physical. I think the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about personal space is physical. Physical personal space is not touching someone or respecting someone’s physicalContinue reading “National Personal Space Day”

A 2021 Music Survival Guide

It’s officially 2021! If any of you are like me then you used your free trial (January) to binge watch shows, cartoons and anime to recharge for this new year. With corona still on the loose, we’re definitely going to need everything we can get to push through the year. Self care routines, meditation exercises,Continue reading “A 2021 Music Survival Guide”

Social Media Breakthrough?

Social media is powerful. It’s influential. People have flipped their profiles into money making machines which is amazing. However, social media can still be depressing as hell. Many people live a facade on these apps. They only show their success and happiness which causes some people to compare themselves. That causes depression in some people.Continue reading “Social Media Breakthrough?”